With over 30 years of combined construction experience, Southern Grace excels at new construction to 10,000 sq ft. We know how to work with your architect and maneuver through the red tape to get your new building ready for use as soon as possible. If you haven’t gotten that far, we partner with a local architect that can provide solid design, drawn from a practical and knowledgeable background in construction.


Build Outs, Insurance claims, Tenant Improvements: if you need it, Southern Grace Construction can get it done. We’ve seen almost everything you can throw at us, and, if we haven’t, we have the background to figure it out. We pride ourselves on good work completed on time. Just share your ideas, and we’ll work with you to make your vision a reality.


Southern Grace Construction excels at making your home your dream home. Whether you want additions, structural remodels or new construction, we can make it happen. We can help you reimagine your new kitchen or bathroom, or even help with interior design.

Southern Grace Construction’s residential division is a tag team effort of both workmanship and design. The construction and assembly is handled by our well established operations team. The finish and design is headed by Erin, who brings a bright clean sense of style. Having a designer in house allows us to elevate your remodel from a simple update to a completed project that blows away the competition.

Additionally, Southern Grace Construction can help with insurance claims. We know the process can be a headache, but we know the ins and outs to get you the money you need to rebuild your home.


While Southern Grace does many things well, we specialize in restaurant and brewery construction.

When it comes to setting up your restaurant, having a company that knows the code and vendors goes a long way toward getting your building operational and making money for you. We have worked with many national and local brands.

Breweries are a particular fondness of ours, not only because we enjoy building them, but because we enjoy the product that comes out of them. We try to be as passionate about our build-outs as our customers are about their beer. Our focus is to bring a great product shored by honesty and knowledge.